The Marysville Farmer’s Market starts June 24th, 2017

10am – 2pm

1035 State Ave. Marysville, WA


In a recent conversation about the Marysville Farmer’s Market (MFM) I was asked “Are we a farmer’s market town or a Walmart town?”  The question caused me to think a bit.  I know I don’t want to be known as a Walmart town (even though they play an important role in our economy).  I also don’t want to be known as a pass-through town, or casino town for the same reason.  This begs the question: What defines us?

Marysville has a long tradition that includes logging and agriculture.  Though these two industries are playing a lesser role in our economy now, they have defined our culture for many years.  Yet we’re finding that this view has been changing, and we haven’t always done a good job of shaping that culture.  That though is changing.

As we head into 2017 one of the objectives of the Farmer’s Market team is to leave our town better than we found it.  We are an all-volunteer team that recognizes that we must be active in our community and intentionally shaping our culture.  If not, someone or something will shape it in a way that may not be what’s best for our citizens, families, businesses and city officials.  We have a unique opportunity to define what success looks like and the Farmer’s Market is one key way to ensure we all have an opportunity to engage in a healthy community.

Thanks for being a part of this journey and we look forward to seeing you more at the Marysville Farmer’s Market.

Shawn Schrader

Market Manager


Market Location: 1035 State Ave Marysville WA 98270

Mailing Address: 7314 44th Avenue NE, Marysville, WA 98270

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