Our Mission

Places like Marysville exist all over North America:

A 19th century farm community that no longer grows what once made it famous, an expanding population fragmented by age, language, ethnicity, economics and technology; vast neighborhoods with few neighbors; workers who drive from their garages in the morning darkness past empty store fronts and vacant lots, on soul-sucking commutes only to return to the same garage in the evening darkness. The old downtown struggles while national chain stores pop-up like mushrooms on the edge of town, clogging arteries with cheap food, streets with anxious traffic and minds with the unrelenting message, “What you have is not good enough…you need MORE!” Students think of their home town as a place to escape – not a place to build a future. Artists struggle to find venues, venues struggle to find audiences, and audiences struggle to find artists.

This is our town.

It is fragmented and without an identity. This “identity vacuum” will simply draw in whatever is nearby: un-guided sprawl, hyper-individualism, big box retail, traffic and crime.

If one accepts this assessment, one might simply choose to give up. It seems overwhelming, systemic and intractable.

“Maybe we should just move on.”

But it is exactly that kind of thinking that lead us here.There is nowhere else to go. Wherever people run to escape these effects, they bring them along.


We must take a stand here.

We must change.

The good news is……everything needed to build a healthy, sustainable community is right here already.

Marysville possess a deep well of human potential…a treasure trove of all types of people, who, when brought together can think creatively, act courageously and accomplish great things.We simply need a rallying point.

Imagine a place where the people of Marysville can come together, exchange ideas, get to know their neighbors, make plans, dream dreams and share in the bounty of our local producers and artists…the hub, the nucleus of long term change. A simple thing. Maybe even laughable…but very real.

Every great movement has begun at a “beginning”…meaning: there was a moment when nothing existed, and then in the next moment a seemingly small “something” was there. A few rebellious words scratched on parchment, a few loaves and a couple of fish, a guitar, a bus ride…a farmer’s market.

You may not know it by looking at it, but The Marysville Farmer’s Market is MUCH more than a place to buy fresh produce and local goods. It stands at the center of what COULD be positive, lasting change for a whole city…IF enough of us choose to engage.

Vendors…Artists…Customers…Volunteers….Leaders….will you join us?

Just ask us how.

The Marysville Farmer’s Market is a non-profit endeavor of the Allen Creek Community Center; spawned to create hope, health and lasting change in the town we call home.

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